viernes, 2 de enero de 2015

Offline and inking

Bueno, se termino el año y las paginas se van al entintado y lo que sigue. Antes de eso estoy corrigiendo las primeras paginas, Luka tenía menos mentón y Nord fue haciéndoce progresivamente mas lindo, je. Así que hay que homogeneizar un poco el arte. Después a imprimirlo todo en azul y a entintar. Haré actualizaciones mensuales del proceso.Ya salrá en papel :)


2014 is over and the rough pages go offline for inking. I need to correct some things before the inks. I started it in 2008 and the art changed quite a bit. Luka needs more jaw and Nord ended being hansome-er than intended, so I'm correcting it all. After that, I will print it all in blue and start to work with the pen nib.
I will do some monthly updates and will probably offer pdfs when it's all finished.

2 comentarios:

Norder dijo...

Happy new year, Dolo!
Busy as always. I can't wait to see the final drawings.
"Luka needs more jaw" Does that mean, you have to draw the first panels a third time? oO

Dolo Okecki dijo...

It's done fast with a wacom and I won't need to do much corrections as I advance (I hope)
Have a nice 2015 Norder :)